Zohaib Khalid

A truly wonderful and inspiring teacher, guiding his students in the best possible way and helping them upon need throughout the year, regardless of an occasion. His way of teaching is simply outstanding. Before studying additional maths from him, I considered myself as a b-grader. However, once I started studying from him, my concepts became extremely clear and understanding even the hardest concepts of add maths became very easy. His dedication and way of teaching deserves much appraise. Highly recommended for all Maths and Additional Maths students ­čĹŹ

Waleed Khan

The most reliable teacher you can find anywhere. He doesn’t just consider you a student when you’re present in his class. He really commits to you and considers your success as his responsibility. His way of teaching, using all the everyday life problems and practical examples makes the grasping of concepts a walk in the park. You’re sincere with your studies and value your grades? then I don’t see a better teacher than Sir Ayaz!

Abdul Rafay

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. (William Arthur)
Sir Ayaz had proved the truth encoded in the above quote. He inspired hope in his students, ignited the imagination and instilled the love of learning in his students.
Teachers make a lasting impact in students life and I am very proud that Allah had blessed me with such a good impact!
He is really among the most dedicated and hard-working teachers I had found.

Hijab – Copy

He is one person that doesn’t need any words to express his personality he is perfectly awesome. I am his student for whom he is an inspiration.

Hijab – Copy
Mamoona Shahid

Sir AR a teacher with amazing personality. He is the great mathematics teacher­čĺ»┬áHis teaching skills are amazing. He not only teach but also motivates the students to learn/work hard.
He is a great teacher and always there for his students.
Highly recommended­čĺ»

Manesh Kumar

He is an amazing teacher and the most dedicated, one can ever ask for. He never leaves his students, instead he sticks to them until their concepts are clear that surely pave the path towards good grades. besides being a teacher he is a friend of students too and a wonderful person.

Mustafa Khanani

Make students understanding maths like a piece of cake with his brilliant teaching styles and short cut techniques. Apart from being a teacher, he is also a great mentor who gives innovative ideas for the future. He not just only make student grades but also bring them to the right path.

Syed Muhammad Ismail

Great enthusiastic teacher that doesn’t leave his students without clearing their concepts and practicing as much as they can for each topic!